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Carpet Cleaning

  • Do you have that light colored carpet that just doesn't want to stay clean?  Why not freshen up your home or office with a thorough deep cleaning? To maintain your carpets it is recommended that you have the living areas (living room, dining room, hallways) or high traffic areas thoroughly cleaned every six months and bedrooms or low traffic areas at least once a year. 

We Offer Two Methods


Hot Water Extraction

This system uses hot water and detergent to rinse the fibers for a deep cleaning. We use a powerful machine and professional cleaning agents imported from the US.

Good for cleaning of residences, heavily soiled areas, and for those sensitive to allergens.


Very Low Moisture

This system uses a semi dry method that crystallizes the soil in the carpet which is removed with a vacuum after it has dried.

Good for cleaning of computer rooms, 24 hour call centers, and other places that need to dry quickly.


  • Synthetic ¥660~ per square meter
  • Wool ¥770~ per square meter 

Prices depend on condition of carpet and how much furniture needs to be moved

For exact pricing please call or email for a free onsite estimate.This price list is intended to give a rough idea of how much it will cost.
Our minimum service charge is ¥16500 
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