Bed Mattress Cleaning

  •  Do you have allergies? The average person spends a third of their life on their mattress. Even if you wash your sheets and pads regularly why not have your mattress deep cleaned and treated for dust mites regularly? 


  • Child ¥5000~¥8000     
  • Single ¥8000~¥10000
  • Semi Double ¥10000~¥15000
  • Double ¥12000~¥18000 
  • Queen ¥18000~¥22000
  • King ¥22000~¥30000
Dust mite treatment and stain removal will be added according to the condition of the mattress.
For exact pricing please call or email for a free onsite estimate. This price list is intended to give a rough idea of how much it will cost. Our minimum service charge is ¥15000 plus tax.